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At one point in her keynote, Eve Tushnet commented that the Revoice community is “united largely by its sacrifices.” Reading between the lines, I heard a quiet, deft refutation of one of the criticisms of Revoice — that we shouldn’t let something “broken” about us mark...


But unlike its more progressive counterparts—from Q Christian Fellowship to The Reformation Project to any number of mainline Protestant activist organizations, such as More Light (PCUSA) or Integrity USA (TEC)—the Revoice conference billed itself as an effort to forti...

At most Christian conferences I’ve been to, the musical worship often seems like a feel-good warm-up routine to get people feeling spiritual. At Revoice, the songs (a refreshingly seamless mix of classic and contemporary) took on new depth and meaning. Lines like “And...


 I asked a lot of people what had been the highlight of the conference for them, and everybody gave the same two answers. Most people mentioned the worship services first. I totally agree. I don’t cry, y’all–even the first ten minutes of Up just make me misty–but I was...


Last weekend, I attended the Revoice Conference in St. Louis. The conference focused on “LGBT+ flourishing in historic Christian traditions.” At 400 registrants, it sold out nearly two months before the conference, and it brought together Christians from a number of de...


So many of us have been taught a model of obedience which is really a model of self-harm. And this teaches us that God is our enemy. This teaches us that the Church is a mother who rejects us and abandons us when we need her most. We find ourselves obedient to a mistre...

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