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Doing life alone. I’m far from the only single Christian who is regularly exhausted by it. Singles who have great family and friends and churches still regularly experience loneliness and feelings of powerlessness. From ordinary Saturdays to life-changing events, singl...


We all can be honest: when you’re single, Valentine’s Day sucks. The holiday seems to just throw it in your face that you’re alone. It’s not even just the day itself, but the weeks approaching the day. February arrives, and immediately the aisles of every store get fil...


"In the thousands of sermons I've heard in my lifetime, I've never heard a sermon that was all about singleness and how valuable it can be.  I've never heard any pastor talk about how to leverage singleness to spread more Love to the world.  No pre-marital counseling i...


"We haven’t yet grasped the nature of the fight against lust if we think only in terms of individual skirmishes. Each act of disobedience certainly has its consequences; we all know the sting of immediate guilt, regret, and self-reproach. But no single battle destroys...

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