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So many of us have been taught a model of obedience which is really a model of self-harm. And this teaches us that God is our enemy. This teaches us that the Church is a mother who rejects us and abandons us when we need her most. We find ourselves obedient to a mistre...

Gospel invitation has always been the call of Christ, but it’s all the more urgent as 21st-century American Christianity suffers from thin discipleship, and American culture no longer pushes people toward church. Every week, men and women wander into our gatherings for...


Throughout the biblical narrative, we learn about God who knows his people and wants to be known by them. He knows names and counts hairs. He chases those who run and whispers to those who hide. He raises the lowly, calls the insignificant, and emphasizes the marginali...

Churches that seek to be faithful to the traditional sexual ethic face a tough reality. For better or worse, most people find love through marriage. It’s not the way things ought to be, but it’s the way things are. And if that’s the way things are, we’ve got a problem....

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