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You never realise how lonely you are until it is just you, your thoughts, and time. 

I spend most of my time escaping from reality so that I can avoid my thoughts and feelings. Whether it is gaming, reading, watching films, listening to music or getting immersed in the...


Loneliness isn't just a fleeting feeling, leaving us sad for a few hours to a few days. Research in recent years suggests that for many people, loneliness is more like a chronic ache, affecting their daily lives and sense of well-being.

Now a nationwide survey by the he...


I told myself I wouldn’t do this but…

These past weeks have been hard. I’m back at home and have no friends around me. I don’t yet have a spiritual mentor here, and I’m still looking for a church family. Feeling the pangs of loneliness, I have been checking out dating w...

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