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This meditation was originally written to be shared at a dinner hosted by my pastor and his wife and daughters on Valentine’s Day. They invited a few single people from the church over to celebrate to the love we share together. While I think even my congregation might...


"It means singleness, like marriage, has a unique way of testifying to the gospel of grace. Jesus said there will be no marriage in the new creation. In that respect we’ll be like the angels, neither marrying nor being given in marriage (Matt. 22:30). We will have the...


I was 28 years old the first time someone called me “barren.” At a book club hosted by one of my friends, I met a 22-year-old graduate student who had just moved to the city. After our group discussion, she and I ended up in the kitchen talking about food, life, and ex...

When I was studying at DTS, I joined the choir at my church. That group provided a wonderful community, as the members invited me to spend holidays and enjoy summer barbecues with them and their families. I felt included and welcomed into their lives. And I never felt...

"God’s ideal is not for every person to be married. Consider Hosea, whom God told to wed a prostitute, Gomer—whom he knew would later leave Hosea 
for other men—to illustrate God’s one-sided love for Israel. Or Ezekiel, whom God told not to mourn when his wife died, wh...

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