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My name is Joe Miner and I am the one and only writer Singlemess.

I recently graduated from Houghton College in Western New York with a B.S. in Communication, and I am currently working towards an M.A. in Theology and Social Justice through Northeastern Seminary.

When I’...


  1. Every human person has equal value and worth, and should be treated that way.

  2. Marriage is designed for one man and one woman for life.

  3. Not everyone is called to marriage, and his or her life is not lesser because of that fact.

  4. The process of sanctifi...


In a strict nuclear family model, parents are left without support from outside adults. They are left to work and raise children in isolation, depending only upon their partner for support.

Now let me just ask you, what kind of relationship can any of us have without ou...


In other words, where many conservative Christian leaders denounce LGBTQ identity, many are unwilling to do the relational work of walking alongside same-sex-attracted Christians as they attempt a very difficult thing: lifelong celibacy. The Nashville Statement offered...


You never realise how lonely you are until it is just you, your thoughts, and time. 

I spend most of my time escaping from reality so that I can avoid my thoughts and feelings. Whether it is gaming, reading, watching films, listening to music or getting immersed in the...


Doing life alone. I’m far from the only single Christian who is regularly exhausted by it. Singles who have great family and friends and churches still regularly experience loneliness and feelings of powerlessness. From ordinary Saturdays to life-changing events, singl...


Here’s the crux of what I’m getting at: we’ve got to realize that gay people are no different than anybody else. If straight people are coping with the loss of community, then so are gay people. If straight people are searching for love in a disintegrating social atmos...


On the other hand it was also super convicting and confronting. I can wallow at times that making friends as an adult who just moved back to the country is a lot more difficult than I expected, but at the same time I have almost completely given up in making an effort...

At one point in her keynote, Eve Tushnet commented that the Revoice community is “united largely by its sacrifices.” Reading between the lines, I heard a quiet, deft refutation of one of the criticisms of Revoice — that we shouldn’t let something “broken” about us mark...

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