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A Queer Calling

We started this blog in an effort to share our experiences as a couple. In no way do we think that this kind of partnership is ideal for all LGBT people or that other LGBT Christians should strive to be like us. We are not interested in engaging in theological debate on the questions, “Does God bless sexually active same-sex relationships?” and “Is same-sex sexual activity sinful?” Our blog is a place for reflection on the lived experiences of celibacy, being an LGBT Christian, spirituality, vocation, and other issues. You may have read elsewhere about the terms “Side A” and “Side B.” That’s not our lingo, that’s not our schtick, and you can find other places on the internet to engage in that great debate. To learn more about why we have chosen not to use this language, see our “How to Talk with Others about A Queer Calling” post.

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