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Books and Bible Studies for Christian Singles: A Resource List

We did some digging, and we came up with some resources for those of you who are looking for similar studies. Our answers include chapter books as well as workbooks with fill-in-the-blanks and weekly homework. If a book is what looks good to you on this list, we’re confident you can make your own fill-in-the-blank worksheets if you need some questions to answer in order to feel like a true Bible study has taken place.

Not all of these resources deal with the specific problems the reader asked about, but they are in the ballpark. We wanted to share as much as possible though because everyone’s struggle, while similar, can be different. Some of these can help before we reach a season of loneliness, others can help as we’re in the midst of it—to make sense of what’s going on or to remind us to avoid the temptations that can arise.

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